IARP Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Competencies

The International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (IARP) is committed to promoting ethical and professional rehabilitation services at all times. IARP recognizes that medical and vocational rehabilitation services are provided under a variety of international, federal, local, and state laws or administrative codes, and in a wide variety of private and public venues. However, certain practices are applicable in any rehabilitation setting. This document addresses nine areas of ethical practice followed by a Forensic Code of Ethics for IARP members who practice in a forensic setting.

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Life Care Planning (IALCP) Scope and Standards of Practice

The standards for life care planning are constantly evolving and are influenced by changes in various professions of life care planners and by external forces, such as accrediting bodies and courts of law.

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Case Management and Vocational Rehabilitation Standards of Practice

Vocational rehabilitation services are those vocational services provided directly to a client, the goal of which is to return a client to suitable gainful employment.

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