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The Rehabilitation Professional, The Official Journal of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, is known to members simply as RehabPro. Its pages are filled with peer-reviewed research and reports on industry developments. Members look to this authoritative and well-respected publication to maintain a professional edge.

Featured Issue: Volume 26 Number 1

Volume 26 Number 1

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(3) Editorial Comment
Timothy F. Field

(5) Labor Market Survey/Research: An Approach Centered on the Individual and Grounded in Objective and Reliable Data
John R. Cary, Jamie N. Gamez, and Nicholas J. Choppa

(19) Review and History of Supreme Court Rulings Related to Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act
Patrick L. Dunn

(29) The Americans with Disabilities Act as a Civil Right Law: A Review of Developmental Principles and Supreme Court Decisions
Patrick L. Dunn

(41) Use of ACS to Improve Occupation Earnings Estimates
David S. Gibson 

(57) Use of ACS to Improve Occupation Earnings Estimates: An Initial Reaction
Kent A. Jayne

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