Journal of Life Care Planning

The IARP Life Care Planning IALCP section is proud to publish the Journal of Life Care Planning (JLCP), the premiere peer-reviewed and professional journal dedicated to the specialty practice of life care planning.

One of the Journal's objectives is to publish material that will add to the knowledge base of life care planning practitioners. The Journal strives to publish information that is relevant and valuable to life care planners and is appropriate and accurate within standards in the field. Research and evidence-based articles are welcome and so are case studies or real practice examples. Material published in the JLCP is the latest information regarding life care planning and serves to provide academic foundation for this growing specialty advanced practice.

Featured Issue: Volume 16 Number 2

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Content includes:

(1) Editor’s Message
Tanya Rutherford Owen

(3) Content Analysis of the Research Priorities in the Journal of Life Care Planning 2004-2017  
Aaron Mertes

(11) Components of Prosthetic Lower Limbs for Transfemoral and Transtibial Amputations: General Prescription Recommendations and Literature Review
Jean-Claude Fernandes, Marta Silva, Rui Santos

(23) A Case Study of a Network Analysis of Drug Use and Emergency Department Visits in St. Louis: Supporting a Quicker Rehabilitation
Sara Beeler-Stinn, Shih-Ying Cheng, David Patterson Silver Wolf

(31) A New Spinal Cord Stimulation Option: High-frequency 10 Kilohertz (HF10®)
Kelly Campbell, Joanna Vargas

(37) Critical Elements of Healthcare Costing
Rebecca M.S. Busch

(43) Life Care Planning A Step-by-Step (2nd edition)
Ellen Carey

(45) Disability Related Publications

(47) Ethics Interface
Nancy Mitchell

(51) CEU Information

(53) Call for Manuscripts

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