Why Join IARP?

2,500+ Rehabilitation Professionals and Growing

IARP is the premier association for professionals involved in private rehabilitation. Originally founded in 1981, IARP members are some of the most accomplished and respected professionals in their respective fields of practice.

  • 25 years rehabilitation experience on average
  • Number 1 associatation for those with interest in private rehabilitation

100+ Professional Development Opportunities

IARP offers members a lifetime of learning and professional development opportunities in the form of national conferences, advance training classes, local chapter events, mentoring and coaching programs, and a growing repository of online educational courses.

  • 1 All Member Conference
  • 65+ online courses
  • 30+ chapter events

50,000 Peer to Peer Knowledge Exchanges

IARP leverages the real world expertise of its members and their willingness to share their experiences to create the greatest knowledge repository available today for rehab professionals. New members receive instant access to IARP's respected publications, research studies and members-only community.

  • 2 Peer Reviewed Journals
  • 100+ discussion groups
  • 50,000+ discussions and shared resources on IARP Connect

The Course of a Lifetime Starts with IARP®

IARP Offers a Bucketful of Benefits

Professional Interest Sections

IARP's professional interest sections give every IARP member an opportunity to understand the variety of practice areas open to rehabilitation professionals. It is through these sections that IARP helps to develop the skills and expertise members need to prosper over the course of their career.

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IARP Connect

IARP Connect is the premier online community for rehab professionals. Featuring over a hundred active discussion groups, tens of thousands of posts and resources, and the archive of IARP's peer reviewed Journals, IARP Connect is consistently ranked as the most valuable member benefit.

IARP Connect is where all the action happens as it serves to connect members together and harness their interactions to build a knowledge base that grows more valuable with every interaction. 

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IARP Learn

IARP Learn is your new home for rehabilitation education! You can register for upcoming Events, view an ever- growing library of On-Demand Courses, and quickly earn valuable CEUs. Purchase a course, watch it at your convenience, then get your certificate of attendance immediately.  Gaining expertise in new practice areas has never been easier!

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Peer Reviewed Journals

IARP's peer-reviewed Journals consistently rank as one of the most valuable member benefits according to IARP members. In depth articles help IARP members stay on top of the latest industry trends and topics.

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IARP Conferences and Local Events

IARP conferences and local chapter events offer high quality professional development opportunities along with the chance to make valuable connections with other rehabilitation professionals. Long time members often point to these events as when they met and made lifelong friends.

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Industry Advocacy

One of IARP's primary strategic goals is to serve as a key stakeholder on legislative, regulatory, and policy issues impacting the career development of rehabilitation professionals.  IARP has demonstrated its commitment to this goal with the two initiatives below.

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Professional Discounts

IARP operates a growing affinity program that provides discounted rates for services that IARP members use in their professional practices.  Here are some of IARP's current affinity partners.

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Local Chapters

IARP Chapters play a vital role in the IARP members experience.  Through participation in an IARP Chapter, members get to meet and network with other members, attend chapter events and conferences and develop lasting professional relationships.  

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Insurance, Insurance, Insurance

Did we mention insurance as an IARP member benefit?  It's true.  IARP members can get insurance to protect their practice.

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