Industry Advocacy

Industry Advocacy

One of IARP's primary strategic goals is to serve as a key stakeholder on legislative, regulatory, and policy issues impacting the career development of rehabilitation professionals.  IARP has demonstrated its commitment to this goal with the two initiatives below.

SSVE Advocacy

For several years now, the IARP SSVE section has taken a leadership role in representing the interests of Social Security Administration Vocational Experts.  The SSVE section had engaged in successful fundraising efforts that enabled the hiring of a government relations firm to lobby on behalf of the interest of section members.  These efforts have risen the visibility of the group's concerns including bringing fees up to current market rates and a comprehensive overhaul of the BPA contracting process.

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Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling Coalition (VRCC)

IARP played a major role in the creation of the Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling Coalition. The VRCC was formed to represent the collective strength in Rehabilitation Counseling while respecting the diversity which exists across our related professional associations. The VRCC is committed to propelling the field of Rehabilitation Counseling forward through an action-oriented consensus building approach that promotes the tenet of doing what is best for the profession as a whole and for the recipients of services in particular. To meet these challenges, the VRCC will work diligently to reach consensus on principles, identify objectives, and implement solutions that will result in positive outcomes.

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