The Rehabilitation Professional: Volume 8

Rehabilitation Professional Volume 8 PDFs

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Volume 8 No. 1


Ticket to Work and Work Incentive Improvement Act of 1999
Bruce Growick

Long Term Disability: A Growing Rehabilitation Specialization
An Brunelle et al

How Can Work Disability Be Prevented and Managed?
Brett VanTol et al

Assessing the Worth of a Child in Personal Injury Litigation Cases
Roger Weed

Volume 8 No. 2


The Relationship Between Education, Abilities, and Prior Employment of Persons with Work Injuries
Ralph Crystal

Post-Trauma Vision Syndrome
James May, Janet Ruth Smith

Volume 8 No. 3


Post-Litigation Vocational Outcomes of Clients with Disabilities
Anthony Choppa, Kent Shafer, Kent Jayne, Michelle Jayne

Volume 8 No. 4


TTWWIIA - Implications for Rehabilitation Practice
Ralph Crystal

Successful Implementation of Supported Employment
Joseph Havranek

Volume 8 No. 5


The Political Implications of TTWWIIA
Bruce Growick

The Potential for Clinical Bias in Vocational Expert Testimony
Jackie Rogers