The Rehabilitation Professional: Volume 7

Rehabilitation Professional Volume 7 PDFs

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Volume 7 No. 2


Thoughts on Home and Office Visits
Leona Liberty

The Role of Spirituality in the Rehabilitation Counseling Process
Joseph E. Havranek

Volume 7 No. 3


Cultural Diversity within Rehabilitation Education and Professional Employment
Roger Weed et al

The Pros and Cons of In-Person Vs. Telephonic Case Management
Katherine Meeks and Judith Siefker

Volume 7 No. 4


Vision Rehabilitation Following a Neurological Event
William Padula and Dianne Simmons Grab

Supreme Court Clarifies Who is Disabled Under the ADA
Bruce Flynn

Daubert Revised by Kuhmo

Timothy Field

Ethical Issues in Vocational Expert Witness Testimony
Harry Magee

Opportunities for Private Sector Rehabilitation Services in Transition from School to Work

Joseph E. Havranek

Volume 7 No. 5


Protecting Privacy and Productivity: The Employer Perspective
Bruce Flynn

Women with Addictions and Other Disabilities
Jay Stewart and Elizabeth Prestin

Volume 7 No. 6


Neuropsychological Evaluations
Leona Liberty

The Vocational Consultant as Expert in Divorce Litigation
Donna Carroll Smith and Bruce Growick