The Rehabilitation Professional: Volume 6

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Volume 6 Number 1


A Discussion of Standards and Ethics in Rehabilitation with David San Filippo
Phyllis Hawkes

Affordable Legal and Financial Planning is Not a Myth

Evolving Knowledge and Skill Factors for Practice in Private Sector Rehabilitation
Michael Leahy et al

Volume 6 Number 3


Certification: Mark of a Professional
James P. Shea

Current Opportunities for Vocational Experts Regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

Joseph E. Havranek

The Future of Private Sector Rehabilitation
Elizabeth Prestin and Joseph E. Havranek

Volume 6 Number 4


The Myth of Managed Disability
Robert Laszewski

Volume 6 Number 5


Workers' Comp: New Opportunities for Managed Care
Fong Chan

The Brain Injury Association

James Brady

Aging with a Brain Injury

Roger Weed

Neurotoxins in the Workplace
Tina Trudel

Aging with Brain Injury
Tina Trudel and Christina Purdum

Volume 6 Number 6


Protecting Yourself from Lawsuits
Linda McCarty

Distance Learning: Going Where the Action Is
Jeffrey Lucas

Medical Aspects of Disability, Functional Limitations and Employment
Martin Brodwin and Donna Falvo