The Rehabilitation Professional: Volume 10

Rehabilitation Professional Volume 10 PDFs

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Volume 10 No. 1


An emerging Industry for the Private Sector: Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Short -term Disability
Kristin Tugman

Attorney Perceptions of Vocational Evaluation Methodologies
Michael Shahnasarian, David Lassiter

Employee Attitudes Toward Workplace Wellness
Barbara Thompson, Robert Peters

Volume 10 No. 2


Low Vision - An Integral Aspect of Rehabilitation Services
Randy Jose, Ana Perez, Stephanie Helm

Neuropsychological Assessment of Persons with Brain Injury - Theories and Applications
Elias Mpofu, Ralph Crystal, Lisa Conyers

Volume 10 No. 3


An Approach to Ergonomic Intervention Services - Implications for Case Management
Eugene Van de Bittner

Retraining and Job Plant Outcomes - A Study of Maryland's Workers' Compensation System
Scott Beveridge

Volume 10 No. 4


Rehabilitation Internet Sources
Joseph Havranek

Psychiatric Rehabilitation in America - A Work in Progress
Gregory Garske