Journal of Life Care Planning Volume 2

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Volume 2 Number 1

Content includes:

The Open Road
Patricia McCollom

Quality Life Care Issues in Life Care Planning
Cathleen Brethauer, Michael Brethauer

A Retrospective Study of Pediatric Life Care Plan Outcomes: One Life Care Planner’s Experience
Doreen Casuto et al

Worker’s Compensation Settlements with Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements
>Beverly Manley

Case Studies: Combining Life Care Planning and Case Management Services: One Practitioner’s Thoughts
Karen Preston

A Dialogue with...
Sheri Jasper

Life Care Planning in Ireland
Marie Brennan

Volume 2 Number 2

Contents Include: 

What a Life Care Plan Can Do
Patricia McCollom

Life Care Planning for people with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness
Nicole Hilligoss

A Dialogue with...
Susan Riddick-Grisham

Caring for Persons with Disabilities: Prevention of Victimization
Mark Sandel et al

Case Study: Future Care Cost Analysis for a Post-Splenectomy Patient
Tracy Albee

Brain Injury Rehabilitation for the Life Care Planner
Alex Jackson

Volume 2 Number 3

Contents Include: 

When Acting as an Expert
Patricia McCollom

Tort Reform and Life Care Planning
Matthew Powell

A Dialogue with...
Bernie Kleinman

Obtaining Valid Informed Consent
Elizabeth Hogue

Strategies for Selecting or Being Selected as the Life Care Planning Expert
Nathaniel Flick

Life Care Planning: Rehabilitation Education Curricula and Faculty Needs
Rodney Isom et al

Follow Up: Amicus Curiae Brief: Seventh District of Texas, Archer v. Warren
Paul Deutsch

Volume 2 Number 4

Contents Include: 

Editorial: In The Courts: The Beat Goes On!

Pathophysiology of Spasticity and Hypertonicity
Terry Winkler, M.D., CLCP

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
Katya Hill, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Supreme Court Decision: Cedar Rapids v. Garret, F.: Impact on School Nursing and Life Care Planning
Mariann Cosby, MSNc, MPA, RN, PHN, CEN, CNA,BC, LNCC, CLCP

Book Review: Field, Janet, M.A. & Field, Timothy, Ph.D. (2004). The Transitional Classification of Jobs (6th ed.). 
Anthony J. Choppa, M.Ed., CRC, CDMS, CCM,
Kent A. Jayne, M.A., M.B.A., CRC, CCM, CLCP, DABVE,
Cloie B. Petgrave, M.Ed., CCM, DABVE

A Dialogue with...
Timothy F. Field, Ph.D.

Application of Life Care Planning Principles for Seniors Experiencing Catastrophic Injury
Carole M. Stolte-Upman, RN, MA, CRC, CCM, CDMS, CPC